Friday, 2 May 2014

My experience with IMI Bhubaneswar-Part-1
When I got the news that I was selected for IMI Bhubaneswar my happiness knew no bounds. I have been born and brought up in Bhubaneswar- the city of temples. For obvious reasons I am passionate about my city! Therefore, pursuing PGDM in an internationally acclaimed institute right in my own city was exhilarating! Cheers to IMI Bhubaneswar!
I threw a grand party to my project team at TCS and gleefully waited for the day of the commencement of classes at IMI BH. After 2.8 years of corporate life I was hitting college again! From that very moment, my life had already changed! I was actually spending all my time in the office to check everything I could about IMI, on the Internet! Things about its legacy, about the institutional culture, student’s profiles… Then, I can actually go on to say I was troubling the administration of IMI BH  every now and then as well as few of my seniors(voluntary mentors) to know it all before I arrived there….. my questions ranging from how equipped are classrooms, how many lifts, security, mode of conveyance, the subjects we had, faculties, how comfortable are hostel rooms…
Corporate life had conditioned me to plan everything in advance but my decision to join IMI was instantaneous and to a great extent inspired and influenced by my father. He takes pride and feels honoured to have been closely associated with our Director General Padmashree Pritam Singh Sir at some point of time. My father believed that an institution under the leadership of a man of such high ideals who possesses the capabilities of turning around the system of education in the nation, this institute is simply a star waiting to outshine! So, with all that legacy and pride, I was literally having a tough time to WAIT!
But behold! Just 5 days before my orientation programme, I met with a severe accident, broke both my leg and hand. With that monstrous blue plaster I arrived at IMI BH to meet our director, Prof Ramesh Behl Sir to seek an appropriate way to deal with the tragedy... To my pleasant surprise, he was so genuinely concerned and extra supportive to help me out in whichever way possible, he offered to render any assistance or support that is attainable…The same was the love and care by all my doting professors... and today after almost a year, I still get reminded of those tough times but the love and support I received brings me back only smiles…. I shall remain forever grateful to the entire family of IMI BH for supporting me through the most difficult times… right from bringing me food packed from the canteen to helping me with the ramp, to my seating arrangements and everything else and more than what a disabled person might need.
It was since the inception at the new institute, and more so during those days I realized; IMI Bhubaneswar was not just an institution, but a FAMILY! With a father such as our director, with other seniors such as our adorable and intellectually laden faculty members, with the extra sincere staff and administration persons, IMI Bhubaneswar was indeed a home away from home.
Despite the ups and downs, teething problems of any nascent organization, the love, care, attention, dedication and support of the entire family was something that was truly rewarding. Any problem, any issue, once reported has always been attended to and taken care of in the best possible manner.
……..This was a piece of my sentiments towards my alma mater.
To talk about academics, it was indeed gladdening that unlike most of the previous schools I have attended, faculties encourage interactions and arguments…they expect you to get deeply involved and participate in every classroom conversation. Apart from that, classes go on as a mix between theory and cases on the same lines as that of our sister concern IMI Delhi.
Again, at IMI BH they truly practice what they the management leaders preach- “Management is not about learning theory but all about putting it into practice! “ Taking a cue from this statement, I would like to bring about the most unique characteristic about IMI Bhubaneswar…. That is- it is one of the very few institutions wherein the students are encouraged and given full freedom to get involved with the administration and management of the institution! Yes that’s true! Just as I said, it’s a family, it empowers, trusts and authorizes every student to actively participate and contribute towards the growth and development of the institution as our own organization! We take pride in calling ourselves the INTRAPRENEURS who not only come here to study management concepts but are also privileged to be a part of another legend in making!
As regards the activities in the campus, I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of events organized despite the comparatively smaller strength we had! Apart from the topics of academic importance such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures from industry stalwarts as well as interactive sessions from IMI Delhi faculties, we also have numerous other events that pave way for the holistic growth of an individual though an array of activities spread evenly throughout the academic calendar. We conduct street plays spreading awareness on topics of national importance, arrange for competitions, play games, create fests, sport events, different types of parties, celebrate every festival with utmost fervor and what not! There are so many events to participate in, so many things to discover, so many ways to unleash your potentials!
These 10 months I have spent in IMI BH till now have offered me profound personal enrichment. I was able to understand, not only ‘Management’ but a very different way of living, a different perspective of looking at life!

 By Punyatoya Panigrahi 


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